Multitude e. V. achieves a lot on a small budget, as all our activists work on a voluntary basis. However, we rely on financial donations to afford teaching material such as writing supplies, copies and dictionaries or to cover transport costs for activities such as the Multitude Cafe.

If you want to support Multitude, you can do so with a single or with a regular donation. We appreciate any kind of support, also small donations.

If you want to support us financially with a singular or regular donation, see the imprint for our account details, or visit us on We appreciate any amount and gladly offer donation receipts (Spendenbescheinigungen).

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to use the contact form or write a mail to info[ at ]

Thank you very much for your support!

Friend of Multitude

Our regular donors are called Friends of Multitude. They support us with a monthly donation of at least 2,50 Euro. This support is especially important to us, as we do not have large-scale donors.

As our Friend, we keep you updated on how your money helps improve our work! We also invite you to our monthly plenum and Multitude Cafe and happily receive your ideas and suggestions.

If you want to support us regularly or know someone who would like to do so, contact us please.