Monday October 8th, 2018
(Deutsch) Didaktik-Workshop am 11. November

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Friday April 13th, 2018
(Deutsch) Soli-Party für den Multitude-Garten am 22. April

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Monday March 5th, 2018
(Deutsch) Multitude sucht Hilfe in der Freiwilligenkoordination

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Thursday December 7th, 2017
(Deutsch) Das letzte Einstiegstreffen in diesem Jahr

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Wednesday July 5th, 2017
(Deutsch) Lager in der Motardstraße geschlossen – vorerst kein Unterricht in Spandau

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Thursday March 16th, 2017
No beginners’ meeting in March

Unfortunately, the beginners’ meeting in March has to be cancelled. A new date in April will be announced in good time. We apologize for any inconvenience and are looking forward to meeting a lof of interested people in April.

Tuesday February 14th, 2017
Open Letter: Stop deportations from Berlin!

Stop deportations from Berlin! For a right to stay for everyone!
For a real paradigm shift in Berlin’s townhall!

We urge the new coalition to implement a halt on deportations and to stand up for everyone’s right to stay.

The coalition agreement announces a “paradigm shift” concerning the asylum law and residence act- a shift that we welcome. However, it only mentions the strengthening of the Commission for Cases of Hardship and a commitment to the abolishment of detentions centers prior to deportation on the federal level as explicit steps.

On closer inspection, however, the so called ”paradigm shift” described in the coalition agreement turns out to be nothing more than a collection of cosmetic measures. The coalition wants allegedly “voluntary returns” instead of deportations. These are deportations covered by a humanitarian deception: They are only concealed with pocket money given to the deportees and serve as a measure to put pressure on those affected.

A paradigm shift that merely aims to replace deportations by further promoting the so called “voluntary return” is not a paradigm shift.

We demand an anti-racist shift of politics!

The federal states often claim to have their hands tied around asylum laws and the residence act in general, often refering to the national political level. However, as of late, there is a stop of deportation for victims of right-wing extremist violence in Brandenburg [1]. In 2014, the state governments of Thüringen and Schleswig-Holstein enacted a suspension of deportation for the winter at least [2]. These examples could be first small steps which could be easily implemented, and lead the way to a real change of policies. The coalition agreement merely makes promises which sound like hollow New Year’s resolutions.

The Berlin coalition agreement carries the slogan “Solidary. Sustainable. Open-minded.”

We demand policies, which are truly solidary and open-minded! For us, this entails the following:

  1. An immediate halt of deportations from Berlin. The right to stay for all newly arrived Berlin residents. We condemn the increasing separation of refugees under “good” or “bad” categories. We strongly oppose the categorization of people by nationality, reason for flight, or potential economic utility. We demand a solidary and indiscriminate welcome of all refugees.
  2. Therefore we read the plans of the Green federal state governments to support the deportation to the war- ravaged Afghanistan, which were joined by the Berlin Grünen, with horror and anger. According to the UN and the renowned Global Peace Index 2016, Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world again [3]. The new and old civil society of Berlin has shown its opinion concerning these plans with large demonstrations against deportations to Afghanistan on Human Rights Day 2016 as well as last Saturday. The plans are inhumane and cynical. They are not carried out in our name. We want the right to stay and the freedom of movement for everyone. Our solidarity is indivisible!
  3. On the federal level, we call on the Berlin government to put all their efforts toward preventing a further tightening of the asylum law and the planned acceleration of deportations. The public debate surrounding terrorism and internal security must not be instrumentalized to restrict the rights of refugees!

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[2] Vgl. n-tv, 09.12.2014: „Thüringer Regierung erlässt Abschiebestopp“; in: Leider haben beide Landesregierungen 2015 diese Regelung aus fadenscheinigen Gründen wieder abgeschafft.

[3] UN OCHA (2016): Humanitarian Needs Overview: Afghanistan./ Global Peace Index (2016): Global Rankings.