To join Multitude, you don’t need to be an educated teacher, pedagog, gardener or accountant. Much more important is your continuity, steadiness and a certain reliability (eg you let us know if you can’t keep a date).

We teach in shelters that are no chosen accomodations but part of a restrictive asylum policy. At the same time they form the homes of people with a refugee background. In these homes we provide an offer which we are responsible for. Therefore we should recurrently reflect our role(s) and be aware of the expectations we might raise.

German Classes

Multitude teaches free German classes in Berlin refugee shelters. All students join voluntarily as often and for as long and whenever they want and are provided with learning materials. We encounter different conditions in different shelters. Therefore we spontaneously organize classes as small groups or as ongoing tutorial-based courses. In preparation of special teaching requirements we hold regular didactics workshops. Nevertheless, creating your first own teaching units may be quite challenging. From our experience you build a routine after a given time.
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Child Care

Child Care takes place during class (not every day, depending on personnel). We play outside, do arts and crafts and try to support the children in their development. In child care especially, continuity and steadiness matter. The caring situation may appear chaotic and challenging from time to time, where a consistent group of caretakers helps building structure fast. At a monthly plenum different groups and the Child Care Team exchange experiences and ideas.

Housing for Shelters (Wohnungen statt Lager – Wosla)

Since 2003, asylum seekers are permitted to rent houses in Berlin. Practically, this turns out very difficult: On the one hand available space becomes rare while rents increase, which turns apartment-hunting in Berlin more and more difficult – not only, but especially for refugees. On the other hand, for years politicians have failed to accommodate refugees in houses instead of shelters. On top, refugees are being discriminated by the housing market in various forms. A ‘non-German’ accent or appearance can reduce chances dramatically. Besides these racist criteria, people face low economic status and prohibition of work as well as absence of a permanent permit of residence. We oppose the accommodation in shelters and support refugees in their independent pursuit of their right of accommodation. We want to encourage solidary structures, provide information about apartment-hunting and accompany refugees, should they ask our support.
More informationen about Wosla, as well as a guide on the apartment search are available at

Youth Culture (JugendKultur)

Some Multitude Activists formed the Youth Culture Group to carry out regular free time activities with young refugees. Our offers range from excursions, ice skating and movie nights to regular social meetings. Most importantly, we intend to encourage exchange: together we talk about cultures, everyday experiences, plans and dreams.
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Multitude’s Community Garden

Our aim is to give refugees the opportunity to find a meaningful task for themselves in gardening. At the same time, as the activities are being organised together, the garden promotes the exchange between different cultures. On the basis of his or her work in the garden, every person can recognise his or her own specific skills and add something to the whole group’s achievements. All the participants can calm down from their everyday lives, have fun together, spend time with nature, and harvest and eat the vegetables grown by themselves.
Meetings: every Sunday at 3 p.m. Please register beforehand at antiragarten [ ,,at” ] lists.riseup [ ,,dot” ] net


Multitude’s Community Garden


Getting Social: Cooking, Picnics, Movie Nights, Garden, Theater, Sports…

Beyond class we try to organize free time activities. On a regular basis we hold movie nights or garden meetings. Occasionally, single groups host picnics, parties etc.

Association’s Maintenance, PR and Fundraising

The Coordination, Finances and Web Teams maintain the fields of the association’s coordination, fundraising, PR, website and the internal wiki.

We welcome ideas, suggestions, and volunteers!

Want to become active with Multitude? Join us for our next beginner meeting! We will present details about our activities (German classes, child care, special teams) and the political and legal background of the initiative (asylum policy and law, system of shelters). On top we direct new volunteers to teaching and child care appointments and places.
Beginner meetings take place once a month and last about 2 hours. Find the next appointments on our homepage and on Facebook.

Questions about our activities?